February 1, 2022

Mother talks about her son, the delivery driver who was shot at in Brookhaven

Therese Apel

Brandon and Gregory Charles Case

A Fed Ex driver in Brookhaven in shaken up after being shot at last week after delivering a package.

According to police, father and son Gregory and Brandon Case were arrested in an attack on that driver, Demonterrio Gibson. The incident happened January 24 on Junior Trail inside the city limits of Brookhaven.

According to Lincoln County Jail records, Gregory Case is charged with conspiracy and his bond has been set at $75,000, while Brandon Case is charged with aggravated assault shooting into an occupied vehicle. His bond has been set at $150,000.

Gibson’s mother Sharon McClendon said the whole thing has given her great anxiety as she thinks about how similar her son’s case is to others that have made national news.

“When my son called all I could do was thinking of the Ahmaud Arbery case,” she posted on her Facebook. “People that is not of color please stop think everyone doesn’t belongs in a certain neighborhood.. My son was at work doing his job when his van was shot up and almost chase down because someone felt like it was a strange vehicle.. He work for FedEx!!”

Gibson said he was leaving as he noticed a white pickup truck parked across the road. He tried to drive around it, but found Brandon Case standing in the middle of the road with a gun. He tried to go around Case by driving in the grass, and Case allegedly shot into the delivery truck several times. The Cases then allegedly chased Gibson in his delivery truck until he got to I-55, police said.

McClendon gets emotional talking about it.

“I felt so angry. I felt anger in my heart, it literally dropped. All I can think about was Ahmaud’s case, but my son is still alive to tell it.”

The area in which the incident happened has been Gibson’s usual delivery area for more than 7 months, so the idea that someone would take shots at him there is beyond those who know him.

“Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen because I know my son has never done anything but work,” said McClendon. “He’s had two jobs since he was about 18, he’s never been in trouble, he’s always been a smart child. I never would have thought of him having to face this on his job. He was driving a marked truck. They saw him deliver the package and that’s when they came for the attack.”

McClendon said people of all races and from all over have reached out to her and to Gibson, most saying that they knew Gibson from his deliveries and expressing anger and upset at the situation. She said she’s not sure how the police are handling it, as she’s not sure how the evidence was handled from the scene on the day it happened, and she’s not sure about the charges.

“The thing that made me the maddest was how long they let this case sit. Aggravated assault is not going to fly with me,” she said. “We’re just waiting on the DOJ to touch down. They’re coming.”

The FBI and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation are investigating the case. Both Gregory and Brandon Case turned themselves in today.

“I hate that my son got put in this situation,” McClendon said. “But I’m glad it was me, because I’m strong enough for the fight.”

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