January 26, 2022

Tupelo man arrested last week faces charges in prior shootings as well

Therese Apel

Dominic Vaca

A man arrested earlier this month for allegedly threatening people with a gun has been tied to multiple other crimes, according to the Tupelo Police Department.

Dominic Vaca, a convicted felon, was arrested for being a felon in possession with a firearm on January 14 in the 1300 block of Ida Street. In that case he was held without bond.

This week police released information that Vaca is considered a suspect in a case of shooting into a dwelling on Nanny Drive on December 30. The witnesses described a dark gray Honda Acura SUV as a possible suspect vehicle. There were people in the home but no injuries were reported. Evidence was recovered at the scene.

Then on January 6, at around 11:20 p.m. Tupelo Police responded to a residence on South Foster Drive for another reported shooting into a dwelling. No suspect information was available but again evidence was recovered from the scene, and while people were home, no injuries were reported.

The next day, at around 6 a.m. Tupelo Police were called to the area of Marie Street for gunshot damage to a silver Honda Acura MDX. Evidence was collected at the scene. No injuries were reported.

After those three incidents, police began to believe the December 30 and January 6 and 7 shootings were possibly related.

After reviewing the evidence from those three shootings, police say Vaca has been charged with an additional charge of shooting into a dwelling related Nanny Street incident, and a charge of drive by shooting related to the South Foster Drive situation. A judge ordered that Vaca continue to be held without bond.

There has been too much gun violence in the last year, Police Chief John Quaka said.

“The close proximity of these shootings to the tragic murders on Maynard Street in July 24, 2021 concern our entire community,” he said. “Incidents where firearms are being used illegally or without regard for safety will lead to another tragedy. Please, if you have influence over our kids remind them how fragile life is and how one horrible decision can lead to a lifetime of regret.”

TPD is asking anyone with further information about these shootings to contact authorities at 662-841-6491, tpdrecords@tupeloms.gov or Crimestoppers of North East Mississippi at 1-800-773-TIPS.

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