November 30, 2021

Stolen Kentucky ATV and trailer lead to $200,000 in stolen equipment in Olive Branch

Therese Apel

Investigators found over $200,000 worth of stolen ATVs and vehicles in an Olive Branch body shop Monday night after a Kentucky investigation uncovered a string of thefts spanning four states.

It started Monday around 9 a.m. when, a resident of State Route 994 between Boaz and the McCracken County and Graves County line reported a 2021 Polaris General side by side UTV stolen from their residence overnight to the Graves County Sheriffs Office.

The ATV was valued at over $20,000.. In reviewing the victims surveillance video, sheriffs investigations learned that two people pushed the ATV out of the suspect’s yard into a field. The suspects then came back and pulled the victim’s 18-foot utility trailer out to the road, hooking it up to the suspect’s pickup truck. The ATV was then loaded onto the victim’s trailer.

As part of the investigation, Graves County Deputy John Cavin learned that one of the pieces of equipment stolen was equipped an electronic tracking device.

At around noon Monday, the GPS data determined the stolen items were in the Olive Branch.

Sheriff Jon Hayden and Det. Snapper Seaton went to Olive Branch and requested the assistance of the Olive Branch Police Department.

A search warrant was obtained to search several buildings, that housed separate automotive and body repair businesses. Located outside behind the businesses was the stolen trailer Graves County.

Once inside one of the locked businesses, detectives found approximately 9 large ATV’s each valued in excess of $20,000 including the stolen Polaris from Graves County. All of the ATV’s were found to have been stolen from Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. Two automobiles were also recovered that had been stolen from the Memphis area. Initially, around 20 to 25 persons were detained by police.

Tremaine Foster, 37, of Southaven was arrested and charged with nine counts of receiving stolen property. His bond was set at $225,000.

The investigation continues by multiple law enforcement agencies in Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, along with the Graves County, Kentucky Sheriff’s Office.

The stolen UTV and Trailer was brought back to Graves County late Monday night and returned to the owner.

Police say a seizure of this size indicates a sizeable theft ring operating out of Olive Branch.

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