November 16, 2021

7 deer camp burglars convicted in Madison County (see gallery)

Therese Apel

Seven people have been found guilty for their parts in a massive burglary of a Madison County deer camp in 2019.

On October 30 of that year, the Madison County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call regarding a break in at a deer camp located in Camden. Upon arrival, officers discovered that the residence and an outbuilding had been broken into and ransacked. Among the items missing were six ATV’s, two trailers, at least thirty firearms, a gun safe, and various trail cameras and hunting gear.

“A crime such as this will have far reaching and long-term effects on this community and possibly nationwide, said District Attorney Bubba Bramlett. “There are still at least sixteen guns on the black market that can be used in other crimes such as armed robbery, armed carjacking, and murder. These seven men targeted the deer camp to steal and then sell firearms.”

The Sheriff’s Department was able to develop suspects using pictures from trail cameras located around the property that had captured several men entering the property on two separate occasions on October 29. They located fourteen of the missing firearms including one on a juvenile in Jackson and one on the internet for sale in Nevada.

“This should be an important lesson to anyone that has deer camps or secondary residences in which they keep firearms, ATVs or other valuables,” said District Attorney Bubba Bramlett. “You must stay aware and take advantage of home security systems particularly those with cameras. Pivotal to the prosecution in this case were the photographs taken off the trail cameras that captured the burglaries while they were happening.”

Officers were able to locate all of the ATV’s and one trailer near the residence of one of the suspects. Circuit Court Judge Dewey Arthur handed down over 200 years total between seven defendants.

“Gun trafficking is a serious and scary crime. We are thankful to the Madison S.O. for working so hard to solve this case and bring all of these criminals to justice,” said Bramlett. “And finally, we are so fortunate to have outstanding citizens throughout Madison and Rankin Counties who are honoring their jury summonses, participating in trials, and keeping our communities safe.”

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