September 27, 2021

Domestic violence suspect killed by Tate County deputy Thursday, girlfriend found dead Sunday

Therese Apel

The girlfriend of a domestic violence suspect killed by a Tate County deputy on Thursday was found dead Sunday afternoon, police said.

Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance said Danielle Elizabeth Cook, 37, was found dead in her home during a welfare check Sunday night.

Her boyfriend, Keith Cole, was fatally shot by a deputy Thursday afternoon after he fled police and then apparently ambushed the deputy.

Lance said the incident on Thursday occurred when the deputy was driving near a Highway 4 intersection when he saw the suspect, identified as Cole, and knowing him from prior encounters, the deputy turned around to follow him.

Investigators say the warrant for Cole’s arrest was issued a week before.

When the deputy tried to pull him over, Cole allegedly pulled over and ran into the woods.

TCSO says the deputy approached Cole as he hid behind some scrub brush and a tree on a small embankment. Cole jumped out at him from a distance of about 3 to 4 feet and his hand was obscured in his belt area. Lance said the nature of the motions that Cole made caused the deputy to fire his weapon twice, striking Cole both times. He died on the scene.

Right now, investigators report they have not recovered a weapon from the scene at this time.

Lance said on Sunday Cook’s neighbor noticed her mail piling up and said she hadn’t seen her for a few days. She called police to do a welfare check. The deputy that arrived on scene found the vehicle on the property and the door locked. He radioed for permission from supervisors to enter the home.

When the deputy made entry, he found Cook on the floor, obviously dead with stab wounds. Lance said at this point they are investigating the death as a homicide, but they can’t determine exact cause of death until an autopsy is done.

Cook had been dead several days, the sheriff said.

Cole is a suspect in Cook’s death, Lance said, but investigators are not ruling out other leads as well.

Cook had reported other allegations against Cole, and when the situation arose Thursday afternoon with the deputy, he was wanted on a domestic violence warrant. Cook had also made assault and stalking-type allegations, officials said.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into the officer-involved shooting. Lance says he has reviewed all evidence and body cam footage, and that it has been turned over to MBI.

Tate County is investigating Danielle Cook’s death.

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