September 20, 2022

16-Year-Old Arrested With Stolen Gun At Entrance of Neshoba Central Jr. High Game

Morgan Howard

Jacarey Clemons

According to, on Tuesday, September 19, a Neshoba County School Resource Officer detained four suspicious male subjects behind the concession stand at the football stadium entrance.

The officer noticed four males who appeared to be student-aged, coming from the woodlot near the football field. They walked from the woods towards the stadium entrance area. Neshoba Central Junior High was hosting Newton County in Jr. High Football games.

The resource officer noticed a gun under one of the male’s shirts. He tried to get the gun from him, but the male resisted.

The officer called Philadelphia Police Officers and Neshoba County patrol units responded to help with the call around 7:20 p.m.

Samedia reports that two handguns were recovered from the students, a Smith & Wesson .9mm and a Springfield XD9 .9mm. The Springfield had been reported stolen from Yalobusha County. It had an extended magazine that would hold an excess of 25 rounds of ammo.

16-year-old Jacarey Clemons was charged with Possession of a Stolen Handgun and Possession of a Firearm on School Property and Resisting Arrest.

Clemons is out on felony bond on aggravated assault charges. He is being held in the Neshoba County Detention Center his initial court appearance.

A second juvenile has also been detained.



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