June 21, 2022

Yazoo Man Released On Bond After Being Found Guilty Of Raping His Daughter

Nicole Kral

A man who was arrested and found guilty of six counts of statutory rape has been released on bond.

Jimmy Allen began raping his daughter when she was only eleven years old.

Allen was sentenced to serve 30 years in prison by a Yazoo County Circuit Court Jury.

Reports say that Jimmy Allen was placed on suicide watch after his initial conviction; he was considered a danger to himself and the community.

Due to this reasoning, the court requested that Allen would not be able to be released on bond.

However, the judge granted Allen a bond of $75,000 to be released from jail while awaiting his appeal.

“Today’s decision, granting Allen a bond after being convicted by a jury, was very disturbing, shocking and disappointing to the victim and her family,” read a statement from The Office of the District Attorney.

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