May 12, 2022

Couple Kidnapped by Four Masked Men in Yazoo City

Nicole McCardle

Yazoo City Police patch

In a report made by WLTB’s Jacob Gallant and Holly Emery, a Yazoo City couple were the victims of a kidnapping early Thursday morning on Cypress Circle.

According to police, the woman was at home when four masked men broke into the house and duct taped the woman.

The man was pulling up at his home as the altercation was happening and he was then pistol whipped by one of the kidnappers.

The male victim was then pistol whipped and put into the back of his own Cadillac Escalade.

The woman was dropped off in Clinton where the assailants told her to get $150,000 from her uncle.

She was left with her cell phone and the Escalade while the man was taken in a different vehicle.

The female victim then used her phone to call police and reported the kidnapping.

While being taken towards Warren County, the male victim was able to escape capture by jumping out of the moving vehicle, where he was later found by deputies

The man was taken to the hospital, and his condition is unknown.

An investigation of the home revealed that there was forced entry.

There was also blood in the hallway.

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation has been called in to help with the investigation.

The suspects have not yet been identified.

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