April 4, 2022

New March 30 severe weather update: At least 21 tornadoes across Mississippi

Therese Apel

MEMA severe weather damage call center hours

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency says there were now at least 21 tornadoes that hit the Magnolia State on March 30.

Those 21 have been confirmed by the National Weather Service, as assessments continue. Six injuries have been reported to MEMA: one in Bolivar, one in Holmes, one in Lafayette, two in Noxubee, and one in Panola.

Thirty-one counties have reported some sort of damage in their area. Twenty-four counties have provided preliminary damage numbers to MEMA. These numbers are subject to change through the validation process:

Attala– 10 Homes; 10 Farms
Bolivar– 23 Homes; 15 Businesses; 1 Farm
Calhoun– 15 Homes
Coahoma– 21 Homes; 1 Business
DeSoto – 5 Homes; 1 Business
Forrest – 17 Homes; 1 Business; 1 Farm
Greene – 27 Homes; 3 Businesses
Harrison– 9 Homes
Hinds – 39 Homes
Jackson – 13 Homes
Lafayette – 4 Homes; 2 Businesses
Lauderdale– 5 Homes; 4 Businesses
Leake– 19 Homes; 27 Farms
Leflore– 8 Homes; 3 Businesses; 1 Farm
Madison– 5 Homes
Marshall – 4 Homes
Panola– 133 Homes; 1 Business; 2 Farms
Smith– 7 Homes; 3 Businesses
Tallahatchie– 62 Homes;
Warren– 37 Homes; 1 Business
Washington– 2 Homes
Wayne– 37 Homes; 9 Businesses; 1 Farm
Yalobusha– 10 Homes
Yazoo– 28 Homes; 3 Businesses
The MEMA Call Center remains open today to assist residents in need of resources at 1-800-445-6362. It closes at 5:30 p.m.

Another round of severe weather is expected overnight into tomorrow, April 5, 2022; strong damaging winds and tornadoes are likely. MEMA is encouraging residents to:

– Monitor the forecast
– Have tornado alerts turned on LOUD
– Have a Disaster Kit with at least 72 hours’ worth of non-perishable food and water
– Identify a safe place to go in case of a tornado
– Prepare for prolonged power outages

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