March 29, 2022

Ackerman police wrangle small pig in traffic, name him Wilbur

Therese Apel

Anyone missing Wilbur? He's been running amok in Ackerman.

In Ackerman, it’s not unusual for the police to have to remove a snake from somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

Random cats and dogs in people’s houses? No sweat. There were even some cows that got out of a trailer and wandered through town, said Police Chief Tim Cook.

But today… was different. It’s not every day you get to wrangle a pig in traffic.

“We got a call a couple hours ago that there was a small pig running loose at the 4-way intersection but we couldn’t find him,” Cook said.

The pig had made an appearance and seemed to have gone back to where he came from. But shortly thereafter, Cook was headed back through town, and there was the pig in the road at the same 4-way stop.

Officers immediately began chasing the pig, trying to catch him and take him somewhere safe. They chased him down off the road and he got caught in the bushes. Soon he was in custody.

“This is our first pig,” Cook said.

His photo was posted to Facebook with the caption, “Anyone missing Wilbur? He has been just running loose in town.”

Wilbur, as he was named, was hanging out at the police department Tuesday afternoon, and Cook said if his owner surfaces, Wilbur will go home.

If not, there’s an officer who has a safe place for Wilbur at home with his family.

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