November 28, 2023

Woman Missing Beloved Dog After Wreck On I-59 Near Vossburg

Morgan Howard

A woman is desperate to find her beloved dog named Cecil after she crashed on her way home to Hattiesburg late last Monday.

Chelsea Lovitt said that her car hydroplaned and flipped three times at mile marker 118 southbound on I59.

Lovitt broke her neck and was in surgery on Thanksgiving and just got out of the hospital. She said she has been going door to door in Vossburg and Heidelberg.

She has also been searching all along the interstate for her dog.

Lovitt said she doesn’t know what happened to Cecil. He could be injured, or just scared and ran. She said there were no signs of him in the wreckage, and she is praying that someone has him and is taking care of him.

“He is my life and my heart is breaking every day that goes by without knowing he’s ok and with me. I can deal with a broken neck but need my baby back. Please if you have seen or heard anything about my puppy Cecil, 3 year old sweet lab pit mix I rescued from Southern Pines Animal Shelter in 2020 that has saved my life, please contact me. I am praying for a miracle.”

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