December 2, 2022

Wesson Police Officer Helps Save 4-Day-Old Infant Who Stopped Breathing

Morgan Howard

Source: Wesson PD Officer Norwood

On October 24, Wesson police received a call for help from a family in distress.

They had a child four days old who was choking and briefly stopped breathing. The family was terrified that there was not enough time to wait for an ambulance, as they watched their baby not able to breathe.

Officer James Norwood was one of the Wesson police officers who helped rush the infant to King’s Daughter’s Hospital.

Source: Wesson PD

Thanks to the quick-acting of the Wesson Police Department and Officer Norwood, the infant was saved and was able to return home to her family.

The Wesson Police Department posted on Facebook saying,

“We appreciate being recognized by the family and are glad to serve this community. Officer James Norwood was one of the officers on duty that night.”

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