August 10, 2022

Webster Animal Shelter Has “Back to School” Adoption Special

Morgan Howard

Webster Animal Shelter has a “Back to School” special for adoptions.
To adopt a cat, the cost is $25. Dog adoptions are $50. Kittens and puppies are also $50.
The shelter said this special won’t last forever! Go visit the shelter in Madison and find a furry friend.
If you’re interested in donating to this shelter, they recently posted that they are low on clay cat litter! Walmart has this kind of litter and they said it can be shipped to them at 525 Post Oak Road, Madison Mississippi 39110.
Source: Webster Animal Shelter
Their website has more details on needs, and dogs and cats available for adoption! Remember, that a pet is a lifetime commitment! Don’t adopt an animal without making sure your life and home is ready to add a new family member!

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