November 3, 2023

Warren Co. SO, Vicksburg Police Work Together To Arrest Suspect In Shooting

Morgan Howard

According to the Vicksburg Police Department, shortly before 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, a deputy with the Warren County Sheriff’s Office was involved in a vehicle chase.

The chase involved a black 2015 Honda Accord and went from Clay Street along Baldwin Ferry Road to Weems Street.

The deputy decided to stop chasing the vehicle when he lost sight of the car.

Not long after this happened, a citizen called 911 to report a Honda hit a pole on East Magnolia Street. When officers arrived, there was nobody inside the car.

Officers noticed two bullet holes in the driver’s side of the car. This is the result of a shooting incident that happened in June 2023.

25-year-old Robert Jordan (from Vicksburg) was arrested in connection to the incident.

Vicksburg police officers assisted the Warren County Sheriff’s Department deputies as they removed the Honda from the scene and had it towed to an undisclosed location.

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