October 11, 2022

WARNING, GRAPHIC: Dog Rescued After Mouth Gets Stuck On Wire Fencing In Jackson

Morgan Howard

Source: Cheshire Abbey
A dog gained a new lease on life after he was discovered with his mouth stuck to a fence in Jackson.
Somehow, his mouth had the fence wire stuck through it and he was trapped up against a fence, unable to move. Rescuers believe he was stuck for quite a while and was likely a stray before this.
Source: Cheshire Abbey
Source: Cheshire Abbey
Source: Cheshire Abbey

Source: Cheshire Abbey
Rescuers were called, and Cheshire Abbey ended up offering to help the poor pup.
“Knowing we can’t take anymore in, but knowing we never want any to suffer if we can help get them out of pain…”
Director Chrissy Cheshire posted, as she rushed to the scene to help with volunteer, Anna. Another local rescuer, Kelly Collins, also rushed to help free the distressed dog.
Canton Road Vet offered to help the dog, and he was rushed to the vet after rescuers used bolt cutters to free him.
The dog was luckily heartworm negative, and Chrissy decided to name him Rollo.
A foster stepped up and Rollo was able to go to their home. He possibly has an adopter lined up as well!
Cheshire Abbey has 25 more dogs that desperately need fosters. If you can help, please message them on Facebook or apply on their website. Fostering costs absolutely nothing. It simply helps sweet, deserving dogs get out of kennels and into a home to give them a better chance of being adopted.
“We can’t afford another vet bill or mouth to feed or boarding spot for him at the moment. We are still paying off our huge bills at FAC.”
Cheshire Abbey said that you can donate either on their post on Facebook, or Venmo them at cheshireabbey. Their PayPal is cheshireabbey@gmail.com.

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