January 10, 2023

GRAPHIC: Capitol Police Find Dog Tied To Stair Rail With Shoe String While Searching For Wanted Suspect

Morgan Howard

Source: Cheshire Abbey

WARNING: The photos in this story are extremely graphic.

Officers with the Capitol Police Department found a dog in horrific condition in Jackson, tied to a stair rail outside with a shoestring while looking for a wanted suspect.
Source: Cheshire Abbey
Local rescuer Chrissy Cheshire with Cheshire Abbey rushed to help the dog. Madison Police, and Capitol police also helped with the rescue. Cheshire’s post describes that this was one of the most horrific cases she has ever seen in her rescue career.
“Only a sick individual would leave a dog to die like that. I have no idea how she’s slept like that or even survived this long. I’ve never seen a dog this bad off. EVER. Maybe this skinny, and maybe an embedded collar, but not so much at once. 😭😭😭
It will make your stomach turn to see her in person. Believe it or not, I’m not even posting the worst pics.”
Chrissy said she was so thankful to Capitol police for doing something about this baby.
“Capitol Police deserve a nod, not just for helping get criminals off the street, but for helping abused & neglected animals in the process. While they were searching for a wanted suspect tonight, they came across a dog behind an abandoned house on Dewitt. I don’t even know how this poor baby was alive.”
Rescuer Chrissy Cheshire said that the dog was tied up so tightly to the handrail with a shoelace, that she couldn’t even lay down or move her head to get rainwater if it rained.
The shoelace had cut into her neck all the way to her jugular.
She was almost completely skin and bones, with not an ounce of fat on her body. Chrissy said there was no telling when she had food or water last.
When the rescuers picked her up, she was almost completely stiff. They rushed her to URGIVET for immediate surgery.
The Capitol Police officers who saved her are a part of the FLEX TEAM. They named the dog Sophie.
“Thank you all for your help with the abbey’s mission of helping animals in need. We can’t do anything without you. Huge ‘Thank you’ to Capitol Police & MPD and URGIVET for being ready the second we arrived with her.”
If you want to help with the immense cost of surgeries and care for Sophie, you can Venmo the rescue at “cheshireabbey” or Paypal: “cheshireabbey@gmail.com”.
Chrissy updated her post saying that Sophie is slowly progressing and has made it through several surgeries.
Anytime somebody comes to visit her, she wags her tail in joy to see them!
One of the Capitol Police officers visited with his wife to get Sophie a stuffed animal to snuggle with as she heals.
Source: Cheshire Abbey

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