April 12, 2024

Vicksburg police outline dress code for court appearances

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Vicksburg police have announced a dress code for municipal court.

Vicksburg Police Department put out a dress code for court on Thursday, and some of it should be common sense, but apparently is not.

You see, back in the old days, people put on their “Sunday School” clothes to go to court, but that’s definitely changed over the hears.

According to Vicksburg PD’s post on their Facebook page, they just want you to dress in a manner that shows dignity and respect for the judicial process. Also, your clothing needs to cover your underwear. (I don’t know, that’s asking a lot.)

According to VPD, the following items are not allowed in court as of NOW:

  1. Hats, caps, bandannas
  2. Hair rollers, head wraps, bonnets, or head scarves
  3. Tube tops, tank tops, halter tops or dresses with any of those styles
  4. Low-cut blouses or shirts
  5. Clothing with the midriff exposed
  6. No bodysuits or bodycon dresses
  7. Bathing suits
  8. Lingerie, pajamas
  9. Skirts above mid-thigh
  10. Obscene language or illustrations on clothing
  11. Holes in clothing
  12. Tights worn as pants
  13. Short pants
  14. Sagging pants, and belts should be worn when necessary
  15. Bare feet or bedroom slippers/house shoes
  16. Flip flops
  17. Sunglasses or shades

So… there you go, in case you need to go shopping before you hit your next court date on that drunk and disorderly.

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