February 23, 2024

Vacant Mobile Home In Jones County Destroyed By Fire After Tree Fell On It Last Year

Morgan Howard

At approximately 1:30 pm Friday afternoon, Pleasant Ridge, Soso and Hebron volunteer fire departments responded to a structure fire at 167 Burnt Bridge Road in Jones County.
When firefighters arrived, they found a single-wide mobile home completely engulfed in flames and with catastrophic structural demise.
The homeowner said the mobile home was vacant and already had significant structural damage on one side from a tree falling on it last year.
There were no working utilities at the home.
Parts of the yard surrounding the home burned, on one side all the way to the road. Firefighters were able to protect another mobile home located very near the burning home.
During the incident, wind was whipping all around and causing the fire to spread throughout parts of the yard. Despite the wind, Firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze without damage to further surrounding brush and other structures.
The fire council would like to remind everyone of the impact that windy conditions have on fires. Fires will spread suddenly and rapidly. In windy conditions, like we have today, please do not burn. Wait for calm weather conditions with minimal wind.
No injuries were reported.

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