September 8, 2022

UPDATE: Standoff at Naval Air Station Meridian ends with suspect’s escape

Mary Apel

Scotty Ray reports that the standoff in Meridian yesterday ended empty handed.

Around midnight police broke down the door of a room where the suspect was alleged to be hiding. Upon entry, they found the room empty and the suspect gone.

The suspect, Derick Johnson (19) of Georgia, left one of multiple cell phones behind, allowing NCIS to ping the near locations. According to SAMedia, NCIS does not believe he is still in the area.

From Wednesday, 9/7:

A man who is barricaded inside a building at NAS Meridian was wanted on multiple warrants through Lauderdale County.

Just before 11 a.m., the man hid inside one of the buildings on the air base. He is reportedly an employee of the base. Lauderdale County and NAS Meridian investigators have been on scene since this morning with negotiators from both agencies.

Lauderdale County officials said the original warrants involved a situation where the suspect was alleged to be in possession of stolen property in a vehicle rented in Atlanta and when police tried to stop him, he fled and abandoned the car.

This is a developing story.

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