February 12, 2024

Unsung Heroes: Mississippi Couple’s Selfless Dedication Saves Hundreds of Canine Lives

Morgan Howard

A couple in Mississippi spends their free time doing something incredible for dogs and rescues across the country.
James and Pamela Edwards are incredible dog trappers. Oftentimes, a rescue cannot get a dog that needs help or medical care because they are afraid, skittish, and often don’t trust humans. This is when a trapper is needed to help catch the dog. Trappers have traps they set up and wait for the animal to come inside. This takes skill, patience, and experience.
In the past two years, Mississippi couple, James and Pamela Edwards have trapped nearly 250 dogs that evaded rescuers. Local rescues are amazed at their efforts and are so grateful for the help they have provided.
Many of these rescues required multiple long trips away from home for the couple, who doesn’t charge anything for their service. They only ask for reimbursement for the trip itself, but not for the trapping service.
The couple is considered disabled, yet they don’t let that stop them from sitting in the heat, the rain, and other uncomfortable elements to help these dogs and local rescues.
“That’s a lot of hours away from home, on the road, not to mention money spent on food, gas, and a hotel for the long hauls.”
 Gill said that the couple has spent 24-48 hours waiting in their car for a dog to enter their trap. The couple is so dedicated that they refuse to leave the scene so they can be sure they help the dog in need.
Last month, the couple bought a small camper to pull with them for their trapping adventures. The camper will help them to better care for their personal needs while doing the difficult work. The couple named the camper “Wolf Pup,”
Southern Pup founder, Alice Gill Shelnutt decided to organize a fundraiser for the couple.
Shelnutt stated,
“To honor their tireless efforts, we at Southern Pup decided to create a GoFundMe to try to raise funds for their camper and travel expenses. They inspire us. If your heart is touched by this couple’s dedication and love for the underdog, the forgotten ones who have been severely mistreated and are understandably untrusting of humans, we hope you will donate and share.”

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