March 2, 2023

Two Held For Questioning After Richland High School Receives Threatening Phone Call

Morgan Howard

school bus
Richland High School received a threatening phone call Thursday morning.
According to the Richland Police Department. Richland High School and neighboring Richland Upper Elementary School immediately went into lockdown procedures and with the assistance of the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department and the Richland Police Department.
They assessed the situation and advised that the schools could return to normal activity on both campuses.
All classes and activities resumed as normal.
The RCSD administration, Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, and the Richland Police Department acted quickly to assess the threat and several individuals are being held for questioning.
The Richland Police Department stated,
“As you know, the safety of our students and employees is our number one priority. As a precaution, there will be additional law enforcement present on these campuses for the remainder of the day.”

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