October 31, 2022

Tupelo Police Chief Addresses Cyber-Bullying On Police Dept. Page

Morgan Howard

The Tupelo Police Chief John Quaka posted a letter to citizens on Facebook. He explained that one thing that is very important to the Tupelo Police Department is their relationship and partnership with the community.

He discussed how they post arrests on social media to be transparent with the community, however he was very troubled by the comments on the posts.

“Families, co-workers,, and employers are being libeled and bullied in almost every post.”

He went on to say,

“That justice we so nobly seek is for all of our citizens even those that have been charged with crimes. The families and co-workers of those accused also are protected by our Constitution. There must be a balance between transparency and justice”.

Chief Quaka announced that they disabled comments on their posts on social media for felony arrests because of all the nasty comments.


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