August 10, 2022

Three Arrested for Helping Inmates Who Escaped from Alcorn County Jail

Morgan Howard

Source: Alcorn Sheriff's Department
Three individuals were arrested for helping the inmates who escaped from the Alcorn County Jail.
During the investigation into the August 5th escape of the four inmates, 29-year-old Ana Ruiz, 25-year-old Yira Sauceda, and 21-year-old Elias Jimenez were all arrested.
The Sheriff’s Department charged them with Felony aiding of jail escape.
Ruiz and Sauceda were arrested Friday. They were charged and released on a $10,000 bond. Jimenez was arrested Friday by Louisiana State Police in Baton Rouge.
Jimenez is waiting to be extradited along with three of the escaped inmates back to Alcorn County.
This investigation is ongoing, and we will continue to update you on this developing story.

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