December 11, 2023

Study: Mississippi is worst state in USA for dating

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A survey site that sends us a lot of lists and rankings about the best and worst states has just sent us one that our mostly-single, mostly-female staff here at Darkhorse can give two thumbs up to. 🤣


Online dating is extremely popular, with over 300 million people using dating apps worldwide, and around 20 million paying for premium features. But apparently not in Mississippi.

Christmas is upon us, a time for sharing experiences with a loved one, which is why more people are keen to meet their perfect partner. 

Brand new data released by sexual wellness site reveals Americans are Googling dating-related terms an average total 9,464,952 times per month. 

Sexual wellness site has conducted research into the US states that are most keen to date. 

The research analyzes 50 US states based on the number of times each state Googles a keyword related to dating, but it didn’t account for the good old fashioned method of dating where you just meet someone and call them.

The data includes 42 keywords such as; “dating”, “how to date”, “facebook dating”, “online dating”, “dating apps”, “free dating sites”, “pick up line ideas”, “lesbian dating apps”, “gay dating apps”, “speed dating near me”, “online dating”, “tinder”, “tinder date site”. 

The number of searches for each term was then added up to give a total of searches for each state. This was then compared to the population to calculate how many searches per 100,000 people.

Maine ranks as the number one state eager to date, with an average monthly search volume of 59,240, and 4,276 per 100,000 residents. Maines top search terms are “tinder”, “match” and “facebook dating”. 

Reddit users continue to discuss the difficulty of dating in Maine. Reddit user, MaineObjective wrote “The dating pool isn’t that big, especially when you account for the basics… age, health, appearance, lifestyle, shared values, drive and career ambition, etc. The pool starts getting really small.” 

In second place is New Hampshire, with a total average 54,939 monthly searches and 3,938 per 100,000 residents.  

Dating is an active part of many New Hampshire resident’s lifestyle, with recent reports highlighting the 10 best places to meet singles in New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire’s top search terms are “eharmony” and eharmony login”. 

Ranking at third in the study is Rhode Islands, with an average 3,903 searches per 100,000 residents and a total average monthly search volume of 42,685.Top searches for residents across Rhode Island are “zoosk”, “match” and “eharmony”. 

In fourth position in the study is North Dakota, with a total average monthly search volume of 28,623 and 3,673 per 100,000 residents. 

North Dakota’s top search terms are zoosk”, and “plenty of fish”. 

Scraping the top five is Vermont, with 3,567 average monthly searches per 100,000 residents and a total 23,082 per month. 

Vermont’s top search terms are “okcupid”,zoosk”, and “romantic restaurants near me”. 

Rounding out the top ten is, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida and Montana. 

Ranking at the bottom of the list is Mississippi, who are least interested in actively dating, coming out with just 1,713 searches per 100,000 residents and an average total 50,359.

Mississippi ranks as the worst state for dating in the USA, according to one survey company.
Mississippi ranks as the worst state for dating in the USA, according to one survey company.

A spokesperson for has commented on the study findings, 

Many people find the fall season to be romantic, and the cozy feeling associated with Christmas can create a picturesque and intimate setting, making it an appealing time for romantic connections. 

“It is also believed that our serotonin levels can sometimes decrease in winter. This lowers your mood, therefore becoming romantically involved with someone is one way of boosting it. 

“Dating apps particularly provide a convenient way for Americans to connect with potential partners without geographical constraints.  

“For those who may not be having any luck in their own hometown, several apps such as Hinge and OkCupid enable you to browse for potential partners further afield. 

Residents in the top ranked states are using dating apps and actively dating in the hope to form new romantic connections. 

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