July 26, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Volunteers Spend A Week Serving At Macon Nonprofit Dog Rescue

Morgan Howard

Southern Pup, a rescue in Macon, Mississippi, had 19 volunteers spend their week helping them with an assortment of projects and tasks.
During the week of July 17-21, volunteers gathered to support the nonprofit dog rescue, Southern Pup.
The Macon Subway owner, Tyra Ivory, stopped by to donate lunch for the entire group. Naquietta Connor Roby also helped feed the volunteers.
They worked on building a raised deck for a kennel, digging holes and cementing posts for two more kennels, bathing, feeding, and just spending time with and loving on the dogs at the shelter.
Southern Pup was a rescue started by a woman named Alice Gill after she returned to her hometown of Macon, Mississippi in 2012. She saw the need for someone to help dogs in the community who were being forgotten or neglected. In the county, there is no animal control and there are no laws in place to protect domestic animals. There is no animal shelter anywhere close to this rural area.
In just over 10 years, Alic has helped over 6,000 dogs. She made Southern Pup into a nonprofit in 2019. She now operates the rescue with her husband Jeff Shelnutt and one part-time helper.
“At Southern Pup, we view dogs as ministering companions who grace our lives and homes with their presence. They teach us about life and friendship, love and God.” These words from Alice motivate her to often tend to over a hundred dogs at a time in and around their home.
“Poor Jeff,” Alice laughed. “Our home is always filled with animals, in the bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, office, the dining room, foyer, the basement. I doubt there is a corner of our home that has not housed an animal in need. Thankfully, Jeff has a heart for animals. He’s had companion animals through the years, even personal inside dogs overseas while he served as a missionary in Belize and Nigeria for 17 years. He’s rescued monkeys and baboons, but I think he thought his days of animal husbandry were behind him when he returned stateside in 2016.” Jeff replied, “God definitely has a sense of humor, but I knew what I was getting into when Alice and I married. When Tina and Gary reached out about the volunteer week, we were thrilled they would donate their time, sweat, and resources to support Southern Pup. Our main goal for the week was to begin building several raised containment runs that will be integrated around the property. With the high numbers in need rotating through our home at any given time, we need housing for litters of pups and for our large free running adult pack that will enable us to regain our home as a little nest of our own. The raised weatherproof decking gets animals off the ground and makes cleaning and sanitizing of pens possible. This is healthier for the animals.”
A woman from Macon Dreams Come True Foundation, Tina Mlodzik dreamed up this volunteer week for Southern Pup.
Tina is a huge animal person and loves dogs so much. She drove all the way from Arizona to help this week at Southern Pup.

“We can use this week as an opportunity to fellowship, meet some new people and expose the community to the wonderful work Southern Pup is doing.” Invitations were sent out to friends, civic organizations and leaders from the community in Macon.”


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