January 3, 2022

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Southern Outdoors Unlimited and the Super Hunt

Therese Apel

Seth Horn of Birmingham sets his eye on the doe he wants to take home as a trophy.

Each year, Southern Outdoors Unlimited does multiple events for children with special needs. The outstanding date on their schedule every year, though, is the Super Hunt.

Held in late October, it gives special needs kids a chance to hunt deer and go fishing and get outdoors like their friends without special needs. This weekend, by all accounts, will change your life.

The only way the weekend is possible is not only for the organizers to be on their game, but for landowners and volunteers to step up and make the weekend possible for the kids. There were hunters as far north as Oxford, all the way to south Mississippi. The kids can be as old as 18 years old, and they have all kinds of disabilities — some you can see, some you can’t right away.

If you’re interested in helping with the Super Hunt this year, or any of SOU’s other events for special needs kids, you can visit their website at https://southernoutdoorsunlimited.org/ or you can email them at info@southernoutdoorsunlimited.org. You can also contact us here at Darkhorse Press and we can point you in the right direction.

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