April 17, 2024

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Pascagoula Officer Assists Elderly Woman When Roadside Aid Fails to Respond

Morgan Howard

Source: Pascagoula PD
Source: Pascagoula PD

A Pascagoula police officer came to the rescue of an elderly lady after her insurance’s roadside assistance failed to answer.

On Monday, Pascagoula Police said they received a call from a citizen who said his elderly mother had a flat tire and she was pretty upset about it.

Officer Lipsey showed up to help her out! He changed her flat tire and even put air in her spare tire.

The police department said,

“This may not be a big deal to some, but to her it was everything. ☺️ Thank you to the citizen that captured this moment.”

The elderly woman’s son shared on Facebook saying,

“This is my mom. She called me very upset. Couldn’t get her insurance company road side assistance to answer. We live out of town, so I called PPD. Dispatcher was awesome. Officer Lipsey went above and beyond to help her and make sure she was good.

We are very grateful and appreciate the men and women of Pascagoula Police Department . Thank you.”
Officer Lipsey chose to go above and beyond to help. Thank you to our officers who go above and beyond to help and keep the community safe.

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