April 13, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Jackson Man Wakes Up Early To Take All Of His Neighbors’ Trash To Dumpster

Morgan Howard

With the trash pick-up issues happening in the Capital City, many Jackson residents are not getting their trash picked up.

Several residents decided to do something about it!

One man in particular, Joseph Hornsby, woke up early and decided to take all of his neighbor’s trash to the dumpster without them even knowing.

He quietly did it, not for recognition, but just to help with a problem he saw the city struggling with.

None of the neighbors asked, and many were surprised when they woke up and saw their trash bags were gone!

The woman who posted this on Facebook, said that there are others who have been stepping up to help and gather trash and take to dumpsters for neighbors. Delwayne Reed, Ruben Carson from Carson’s Work LLC (from Byram) and many others who go unrecognized.

We love to highlight the good going on around the state of Mississippi. There are so many incredible people doing wonderful, selfless things for others!

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