January 11, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Forest County business donates stuffed bears for deputies to give to children

Morgan Howard

“Sometimes a stuffed bear can make all the difference in the world of a child in crisis.”

A business in Forest County donated stuffed animal bears to the Forest County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies can now bring these to auto accidents, domestic incidents, or any call where a child is involved.

They can give the child a stuffed bear to help comfort them. Deputies said this can make a huge difference for a child in these moments of crisis.

Andrew and Laura Waites donated enough bears so that each unit has two with them at all times, whenever they are needed for kids.

They cited an article that states,

‘Giving a child a stuffed bear in a crisis situation not only provides comfort but changes a child’s perspective of law enforcement for life’.

The couples’ daughter works at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and these bears are the ones sold there for kids.

The business owners said they wanted to invest in their community.

Sheriff Charlie Sims said that he is very appreciative of the donation, originally arranged by Patrol Capt. Tim Hartfield.

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