May 8, 2024

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: First Responders Save Three Swimmers from Pearl River in Leake County

Morgan Howard

Source: Leake Co. SO
Source: Leake Co. SO


On Thursday, May 2, Leake County Emergency Management received a distressing call at around 1:29 p.m. reporting a potential drowning.

The Leake County Sheriff’s Office and the Leake County Correctional Facility Fire Department (LCCFD) quickly responded to the “Battle Bluff” bridge, which spans the Pearl River.

When they arrived, first responders found two young adult females and one juvenile male desperately clinging to a tree sticking out of the river.

LCCFD Fireman Ryan Crick and Deputy Cody Tucker jumped into the river and swam through the current to rescue the swimmers. Crick was able to swim the young boy to the riverbank, where off-duty medic Ben White was waiting to help.

Crick then got back into the river and met Tucker with one of the females. She was taken safely to shore.

Tucker stayed with the second female still clinging to the tree, until they were able to get her to shore as well.

The three swimmers were evaluated on-site by paramedics. The young boy was transported to Leake Baptist Hospital by ambulance to get checked out.

Leake County Sheriff Randy W. Atkinson commended the swift and courageous actions of the first responders, particularly Fireman Ryan Crick and Deputy Cody Tucker, whose he said their efforts likely saved three lives.


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