December 18, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Elementary Students Make 300 Handmade Toys For Shelter Dogs

Morgan Howard

A no-kill animal shelter in Jackson received the most heartfelt donations yesterday from a group of wonderful children and a caring librarian.
1st-6th graders at Park Place Christian Academy spent 9 weeks handmaking dog toys for the shelter dogs!
Kelli Simpkins, the school’s librarian, was the mastermind behind this heartfelt project.
Over 300 handmade toys were made by the kids and donated to the shelter.
“There really aren’t words to convey how special efforts like these are. Just the knowledge that each one of these rope toys was made by little hands who are being taught to have compassion and love for the animals, and particularly the animals who are waiting to find their special places in the world… This is what the spirit of this season is about.
The shelter wrote on Facebook, thanking Kelli, the librarian who came up with this incredible project. They said,
“Kelli, you are amazing, as are the precious children who worked so hard on these toys for the pups. Thank you so very much for seeing the need to start our children at young ages to grow up wanting to make a difference in our world. It’s people like you, and those children, who do make a difference.”

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