March 7, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Anonymous Donor Donates Dog Beds To Animal Rescue Fund

Morgan Howard

A no-kill animal rescue in Jackson, Animal Rescue Fund, has been desperately needing some new Karunda beds for the dogs there.
Karunda beds are raised beds that are chew-proof, comfortable, and easier to clean for dogs in a shelter environment.
The rescue said they had planned to set up a fundraiser for the beds, but because of all of the emergency, serious abuse rescues lately, they have not been able to do this.
All funds have gone to help these emergency cases and the bed fundraiser was postponed.
The shelter posted and said that an angel, or angels, must have read their minds, and they were shocked when they received 6 shipments of 6 new karunda beds from somebody.
This person wishes to remain anonymous, and simply wanted to help the shelter and the dogs in need.
ARF posted on Facebook saying;
Who ever you are angel, we thank you, our dogs thank you.
The shelter is in need of 65 beds in total for the shelter. If you are able or willing to donate, you can order one for the shelter here!
The address for the shelter is 395 Mayes St, Jackson, MS 39213.

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