March 5, 2024

State Fire Marshal’s Office Says Fire Fatalities Have Hit Record High

Morgan Howard

According to MS State Fire Marshal, fire fatalities have hit a record high in 2024.
There have been 29 civilian casualties reported.
The fire marshal’s office said that in most of these tragedies, there were no smoke alarms in the homes.
“This stark reality places us at the forefront of a national concern, potentially leading in fire-related mortality rates. But there’s hope! The simple act of installing smoke alarms can dramatically change this grim statistic. That’s why our dedicated team is on the ground, ensuring that fire departments across our state have smoke alarms to install in their communities.”
The fire marshal’s office said they’re not just installing alarms for citizens, they are igniting a movement of vigilance and care. They want to make sure every Mississippian is safe.
“Let’s unite in this crucial mission and make fire safety a paramount priority.”
Jeremy Maxey alongside Mr. James Reed (Shelby Volunteer Fire Department), proudly showcasing the latest batch of smoke alarms delivered and ready for installation!

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