April 3, 2024

Starkville Police Invites Residents To Register Home Security Cameras With Them

Morgan Howard

The Starkville Police Department is asking the public to register their home security cameras with them.
“We value your safety and want to work together to create a secure community. That’s why we invite you to register your home security cameras with us at Connect Starkville. By doing so, you’ll play a vital role in helping us maintain a safer environment for everyone.”
The police department said they know that privacy is a top concern. They assured residents that they will not have access to your camera feeds.
Instead, registering your cameras will allow the police department to establish a network of available cameras in the area.
In the event of a incident or suspicious activity, the department can quickly reach out to camera owners who have registered, requesting their assistance in reviewing footage that may help identify potential suspects or provide valuable information.

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