October 3, 2022

Southaven Police Arrest Two Teenagers Who Refused To Stop For Traffic Stop

Morgan Howard

On Monday, patrol officers observed a Red Nissan Maxima with two people inside on Highway 51 and Custer. They refused to stop for the officers two days prior to this incident.
Officers followed the car into a BP gas station on the same road and waited for help to arrive before initiating a traffic stop on the suspects.
Again, the suspects refused to stop the car and stop sticks were deployed flattening two of the tires. The suspects kept driving Northbound on Hwy 51 and disregarded the red light at Rasco Road, resulting in a two-car wreck.
Their car was disabled at the intersection and the two suspects, with handguns, ran from the car in two different directions.
Officers apprehended one suspect in the roadway and the second suspect was struck with an unmarked detective unit after observing the suspect with a handgun in his hand running towards Domino’s Pizza and other businesses.
The suspects were 17 and 18 years of age.

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