October 25, 2021

Mississippi Department of Public Safety: Kyla Barnett has been found safe

Therese Apel

Kyla Barnett

UPDATE: According to a Monday morning update from the Department of Public Safety, Kyla Barnett has been found and is safe.



According to police in Georgia, missing 22-year-old mom Kyla Barnett was visible on camera at a Clayton County business three days after she was last seen in Mississippi.

Barnett was last seen here in Mississippi on Saturday, October 16 at about 9:40 pm near Northside Drive and Magnolia Road in Jackson wearing a gray dress, blue jean jacket, and white tennis shoes. Kyla has brown hair and brown eyes.

Sgt. Julia Isaac of the Clayton County Police Department said Monday that Barnett could be seen going inside a business on Oct. 19. Then when she came out of that business, she sat in her 2014 Honda Civic for a few minutes before getting out and walking out of the view of the camera. That’s the last time she’s been seen.

On Saturday, her car was found in the 3400 block of Mt. Zion Road in Clayton County, Georgia, but Barnett wasn’t with it. A search of the immediate area turned up no sign of Barnett.

A Silver Alert has been issued for Barnett in Mississippi, and a Mattie’s Call in Georgia. Barnett’s vehicle has been impounded in Georgia and processed for evidence, Isaac said. She said Barnett’s disappearance is being investigated in Clayton County, but that they’re dealing with low resources just as many law enforcement agencies are these days.

Kyla Barnett

Barnett reportedly has a 3-year-old daughter.

Kyla’s stepmother Tracey Barnett, has been posting updates on the search on her Facebook page.

“We are working with local organizations that have graciously gotten involved,” she posted Saturday. “Thank you for sharing and getting the word out and we ask you to continue sharing. Your efforts are making a difference and starting to get things moving. Someone will come forward and lead us to her.”

On Sunday, Tracey Barnett posted about the car being found.

“Something is just not right,” she wrote. “Car was found, but where is Kyla Barnett?”

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