October 18, 2023

Report: Jackson police arrest 6 on gun, drug charges

Therese Apel

JPD confiscated these guns and drugs on a traffic stop Tuesday night.

Six people have been arrested on drug and gun charges in Jackson.

According to WLBT, Jackson Police Department officers found drugs and guns in a vehicle they stopped Tuesday night. As the stop was in process, several people jumped out of the vehicle and ran from police.

One man was arrested at the scene, and another five were found in the area during a search.

WLBT’s Maggie Wade reports that officers confiscated marijuana, rifles, and handguns.

Sgt. Warren Hull told WLBT that there was about six hundred grams of high-grade marijuana found in the vehicle.

“We have high-capacity gun magazines,” Hull told WLBT. “We have assault-style pistols that will shoot rifle rounds, which is a very high caliber round, and we also have some handguns as well.”

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