December 30, 2022

Puppy Found Abandoned At Park With Broken Leg Now Safe At CARA

Morgan Howard

Puppy abandoned at park
Local rescuer, Kelly Collins, received a call about a badly injured puppy at Manhattan Park in Jackson. She was sent photos and videos of the injured puppy.
The dog had something terribly wrong with his front leg and was holding it, as it appeared visibly broken.
Kelly Collins shared his photos and videos on Facebook, desperately searching for a rescue with room to take him.
CARA, a local Jackson rescue, stepped up to take the puppy into their care.
Collins post read,
“This abandoned, injured baby from the Manhattan park, was posted and shared so much, yesterday. Thank you! I was begging for a foster & rescue to take him. He is so kind, young & life has been seemingly very rough & unkind to him, so far. Now, I am asking for help with his Urgivet & upcoming surgery bills. 🙏🏼 CARA was gracious enough to accept him, so your donations will be tax deductible. “Theo” has a broken leg & is anemic from the overwhelming amount of hookworms. This causes the blood clotting to be prolonged. Once he is healthy enough, he will need to have surgery. The humerus is fractured at his joint (the elbow) and will need to be amputated. 😢
The vet bills will be extremely high to nurse the puppy back to health. He will likely have to have his leg amputated since the humerus is fractured at the joint. He is also infested with hook worms and anemic.
Collins stated,
“Hopefully the next time Theo is at a park, he can play and run, the way a puppy should behave at a park, instead of hiding in pain, waiting to be rescued.”
Puppy abandoned at Jackson park
Kelly thanked Mary Chris Galicki for going to the park to find Theo and rush him to the vet, she also thanked Lisa Watts for fostering and Valerie Hicks for accepting the puppy into their rescue at Community Animal Rescue and Adoption (CARA).
If you want to donate to this pup’s care, you can call Urgivet Emergency Vets of Madison at 601-790-1918. You can also make a donation to CARA on their website. All donations are tax-deductible. Be sure to mention that the donation is for Theo.

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