November 7, 2022

ONGOING: Decapitated Head Found Near Arm, Dismembered Body In Jackson

Therese Apel

A dog running with human arm in the woods in Jackson.

A human arm was found over the weekend in Jackson in the jaws of a stray dog Saturday, and a dismembered body was found in the area on Sunday, according to officials.

The Jackson Coroner, Sharon Grisham Stewart, said that the head was found today (Monday). She said it was found in the woods near where the arm was.

According to JPD documents obtained by Darkhorse Press, an officer was dispatched to Middle Road on Saturday. There, he found a complainant who stated that around 5 p.m., he saw a stray dog carrying what appeared to be a human’s right arm in its mouth.

A video posted by a Facebook user shows a German Shepherd trotting down the road with what does appear to be an arm in his mouth as a car follows him.

The original complainant said he chased the dog down the road, and finally forced it to drop the arm. The robbery homicide and mobile crime units were notified, according to police.

The police document states that the wooded area near Middle Road was checked for the rest of the remains, but none were found at the time.

Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart said a dismembered body believed to be a white male was found in the area Sunday. So far it has not been identified.

Grisham Stewart said the incident is being investigated as a homicide case.

Some say it’s reminiscent of what feels like a similar case in Jackson’s recent history. In June of 2017, the head of Jeremy Jerome Johnson, a 30-year-old JSU student, was found on a porch in Jackson. Officials said at the time the cause of death was “severance.” A badly burned body was later discovered in a wooded residential area off Green Street near the corner of Grand Avenue — about a half-mile to a mile away.

That case was widely believed to be gang-related, and connected to a string of homicides that took place that summer. It’s still unresolved.

This is a developing story.

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