August 19, 2021

UPDATE: Police officer shot, ambushed in Jackson; suspect in custody

Therese Apel

Nathaniel Gardner was taken into custody Thursday night when his mother took him to a local church to turn himself in. He’s being held in the Hinds County Detention Center.


A Jackson Police officer shot in the line of duty on Maple Street Thursday is in stable condition in the hospital as law enforcement from agencies all over the Metro area scour Jackson for his shooter.

Officers are looking now for Nathaniel Garner, who they say was responsible for shooting at police more than 30 times.

“If you, Nathaniel, are watching this, you need to turn yourself in,” Davis said. “Because we will be looking for you and we will bring you to justice.”

Police Chief James Davis said Thursday night that officers tried to stop a gray sedan that ran from them and they found it abandoned on the corner of Rondo Street and Erie Street.

The suspect had hidden on the porch of an abandoned house and ambushed the officers, Davis said. About 30 rounds from an AR-style weapon were found in the door of the car, Davis said, and Officer Alan Mays was hit.

“Alan Mays is a great guy. He loves this city, he’s in vice and narcotics and he loves serving the people of Jackson,” Davis said. “This oficer was ambushed. This individual got out of his car and retreated to the porch of an abandoned house and he opened fire on these officers.”

Davis said no quarter will be given to anyone harboring the suspect.

“It’s unbelief to see those assault bullet holes into a polcie officer’s car. I see the unbelief in the the citizens, too. The citizens are upset,” Davis said. “It’s heartbreaking to see an officer out there trying to keep a community safe and you’ve got individuals — I call them thugs and cowards — that turn guns on the officers who are trying to keep their communities safe.”

As Davis ended the press conference, he said, “Alright, I’m fixing to go out here and help them search for this guy.”

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