October 12, 2023

Pick-Up Truck Hauling Camper Starts Grass Fires In Panola County

Morgan Howard

On October 9, several area Volunteer Fire Departments responded to grass fires in southern Panola County.
Several witnesses told the fire department that the source of the fires was a black pickup pulling a camper.
The truck was found on Bethlehem Road after it crossed Highway 6 from Good Hope Road.
Deputies stopped the vehicle and made contact with the driver, Bailey Blake Jenkins, of Oakland.
Jenkins was hauling the camper to the scrap yard and sparks were emitted from the axle dragging on the pavement.
Deputies determined that Mr. Jenkins did not intentionally cause the grass fires.
He was cited for several traffic offenses and the camper was towed to avoid any more chance of another fire starting.
The Sheriff’s Department said,
“Due to the dry weather we are experiencing, Panola County is under a burn ban until at least November 1. We are asking our citizens to be aware and use caution when doing anything that might start a fire.”

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