April 4, 2022

Operation Shoestring to Distribute Free Water Filters To All Parents Who Are Enrolled in The Program

Nicole Kral

As part of its mission to invest in the hearts and minds of Jackson’s children and their families, Operation Shoestring is working to ensure families have access to lead-free water.

April 4th,2022 Jackson, MS, – Operation Shoestring announces that in order to address concerns about water quality issues expressed by parents enrolled in our programs, Shoestring families will receive Brita Longlast+ pitchers and water filters in order to help remedy any potential water quality issues within their homes. This initiative will impact scores of families in central Jackson. Operation Shoestring’s parent coordinator, Star Pool, says that upon surveying parents in the Shoestring community that “one of the greatest needs expressed to me was the need for clean water.”

Creating an ecosystem of care

On April 8th, 2022, OS will begin its distribution of water filters to Shoestring families. This clean water initiative began in response to the winter storm of 2021, and subsequent water problems caused by broken water pipes throughout the city. Over a half of parents enrolled in Operation Shoestring’s programs reported they did not drink tap water due to concerns about water quality, adding that the cost of bottled water was a burden for their families.

Operation Shoestring is committed to empowering families and creating a healthier community where all kids can thrive. Robert Langford, Operation Shoestring’s executive director, says of the initiative, “Providing water filters to Shoestring families is just one of the ways we support families and children in our core community. In order for all children and families to reach their full potential, they need safe neighborhoods, access to affordable high-quality healthcare, good schools, meaningful jobs, and opportunities for joy and recreation. At Shoestring, helping ensure families have clean water is just one more place where we’re stepping into the breach, thanks to the support of lots of folks who make our work possible.”

About Operation Shoestring

Operation Shoestring provides year-round academic, social, and emotional support to children in central Jackson from pre-K – 12th grade while supporting and providing resources to their families. It also serves as the hosting organization for the MS Statewide Afterschool Network whose work is focused on increasing the amount of high-quality afterschool and summer programs throughout the state. The aim is to empower the children and families we serve to create their own success, and that of their community, so we all rise together. Our core service community consists of the Georgetown and Mid-City neighborhoods bordering the southern end of Bailey Avenue in central Jackson, Mississippi.


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