October 26, 2023

One research firm thinks Mississippi is a lot smarter than everyone else does

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A new study has revealed what researchers believe to be the states with the best average SAT scores, and Mississippi ranks in the top five, with some of the best-performing students in the U.S.

    • The ranking analyzed the average SAT scores across all 50 states to reveal where students are the most focused on their academic studies
    • As of January 2024, the SATs are changing to a fully digital format – this October, students can take their PSATs in the digital format to practice
    • Nootropics expert Thomas Riley explains how concentration and focus are key to academic success – especially under test conditions

New data reveals which states have the highest average SAT scores to uncover where has the best and brightest students, with Mississippi ranking in the top five.

The ranking, pulled by nootropics expert Nootroedge, analyzed the average SAT test scores by state. The average SAT score is derived from combining scores from all test sections: reading, writing and language, and math – to calculate each state’s average out of a total score of 1600.

The SAT – a standardized test widely used for college admissions – has been used for a whopping 96 years; however, as of January 2024, big changes are happening with the test switching to a fully digital format.

Currently, the PSAT/NMSQT is taking place – from October 2 to October 31 – and being offered in a fully digital format in preparation for students who will be taking the digital SAT next year.

The data has identified which states have the highest achieving students but, more importantly, highlighted the states where students struggle most.

It’s no surprise that some students are struggling, as – according to a recent survey from BestCollege – over half (51%) of students have had problems or challenges with their academics over the last year, with many struggling to focus and meet deadlines.

But this isn’t the case in Wisconsin, as the state has the highest average SAT scores – scoring 1,252 out of 1600 – crowning it as the top state with the most academically-savvy students.

Ranking in second place, Wyoming’s average SAT score was 1244 – making it another strong state for student academics, performing 12% higher than the national average of 1,107.

Kansas had the third-highest average SAT score of 1238 – just six points less than Wyoming and 12% higher than the national average. Following in fourth place, Utah’s average SAT score was 1233, putting it closely behind second and third place.

Mississippi ranked in fifth place with an average score of 1226 – 11% higher than the national average, indicating that similar to the other top four states, there are plenty of intellectual students residing in these states.

Minnesota came in sixth pace with an average score of 1225 – just one point less than Mississippi. In seventh place, Nebraska’s average score is 1222, which is still 10% higher than the national average.

Kentucky and South Dakota ranked in eighth and ninth place, respectively, both having an average score of 1219. Finally, North Dakota had an average score of 1212, with the tenth-highest average SAT score.

The Lowest

On the other end of the scale, the state with the lowest average SAT score is West Virginia with an average score of 938 out of a possible 1600 – almost 15% less than the national average.  Oklahoma had the second-lowest average score of 951 – 13 points less than West Virginia.  

Ranking in 48th place, with the third lowest average score, Idaho had an average score of 968, making it another struggling state for students undertaking SAT’s.  

Delaware followed with the fourth-lowest score of 968, which is still 13% less than the national average. Finally, Rhode Island had the fifth-lowest average score of 971.  

Further Google keyword data analysis by nootropics expert Nootroedge, has also revealed what students are searching for help with the most. Searches show students are concerned with their studies overall, especially when it comes to writing essays and completing coursework.   

Overall, it seems the nation’s students need more support in some areas than others, with the most popular search this year coming out as ‘citation machine’ – a tool where students input details and receive a citation matched to each referencing style (MLA, APA etc).   

Additionally, it’s no surprise given the recent rise in popularity of AI tools that ‘AI essay writer’ was also one of the most searched-for phrases over the past year.  

Speaking on the findings, Thomas Riley, Nootropics Expert at Nootroedge says: “For those who are preparing for their SATs or who are currently undertaking their PSATs it is important to focus on honing your concentration and memory skills to ensure you are well prepared for the test.  

“Once at college concentration will become an essential skill, and it can often be difficult to hone, especially for students with their ever-changing schedules or stacked exam schedules, which is why natural supplements – ideally that include ingredients such as Bacopa and L-theanine – can be useful to help enhance their learning and revision skills. They can also help to reduce the brain fog after a lively weekend spent socializing!”   

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