September 23, 2022

Officials consider Mississippi Cannabis Patient Seminar in Oxford a success

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Attendees at the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Patient Seminar

Medical marijuana advocates say they consider Mississippi’s first medical cannabis patient seminar in Oxford as an overwhelming success.

Hundreds of patients, caregivers, practitioners, dispensaries, cultivators, and advocates packed Oxford’s Hampton Inn Conference Center. Attendees and residents were lining up in advance before the event even started.

“The demand has been overwhelming as more and more of Mississippi’s patients are seeking educational resources about medical cannabis. MCPA’s goal is to host more MCPA Facts & Snacks across Mississippi in the next few months,” said Angie Calhoun, Founder and CEO of the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance. “Each event helps inform patients about how to get a medical cannabis card, the opportunity to talk to approved MSDH practitioners, meet licensed dispensaries and cultivators, and more. All along the way, MCPA is here to help the patients of Mississippi with their questions about medical cannabis.”

The educational and awareness topics at the seminar included how patients can become certified for medical cannabis, what are debilitating medical conditions, how to lock and secure medical cannabis properly, microdosing, and the latest guidance from the Mississippi Department of Health. With the Mississippi Department of Health in attendance, patients, families, and caregivers asked essential questions about their next steps in registration and any other critical developments in the program.

“Southern Sky Brands has been very excited to partner with the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance to help educate and bring good healing medicine to hurting patients,” Southern Sky Brands COO Steve Merrit said. “To attend functions like this where so many people wanted help understanding how cannabis might benefit them or their loved ones. We are thankful that the MCAP continues hosting educational meetings as this new industry starts in Mississippi.”

“This event was successful, not just for the vendors, but for the patients. The patients left happy and excited with their questions answered. We saw more demand and more people than anticipated, as patients are eager to learn and see how this can be an option,” said Tony Barragan, CEO of Hemp Ville CBD in Oxford. “This event opened the eyes of many people in the industry and the need to participate in events with the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance and the Mississippi Department of Health.”

“The event in Oxford was a great combination of cultivators, processors, dispensaries, medical professionals, and future patients. It was very informative for the patients and everyone in the industry,”Randy Kirby, Director of Operations for Greenwise Dispensary, said. “This was not a competitive atmosphere but more of a joining force for a great cause. Everyone was eager to help each other with advice and tips on making this industry great, with a common goal of assisting patients who have needed this for a long time.”

Angie Calhoun says that she appreciates the help of local leaders in Oxford and the sponsors who helped put this event on.

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