January 12, 2024

Officials confirm remains found in Lauderdale County are human

Therese Apel

Photo by Scott Ray

Officials are investigating human remains found in Lauderdale County on Wednesday evening.

Sheriff Ward Calhoun said the remains were found in the Dalewood/Lauderdale community when a resident called 911 around 5 p.m. after their dog brought home something that appeared to be human remains.

Authorities contacted an anthropologist from Mississippi State University and confirmed the remains were human.

At that point, Calhoun said, the Sheriff’s department spoke with Lauderdale County Emergency Management and brought in a regional response team to search the area for the rest of the remains.

Around 30-35 people searched from after lunch Thursday until dark in an area in close proximity to where the dog was seen coming out of the woods, but so far nothing else has been found. Calhoun pointed out that remains can be scattered over the years by multiple animals, so it could take time to find the rest of the body.

With the inclement weather coming in, Calhoun said the search has been paused and will continue once it has warmed up again.

“This is very much an active investigation,” Calhoun said.

Calhoun said the search includes a 60-acre area.

This is a developing story.

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