April 3, 2024

Nurse At VA Medical Center Given Daisy Award For Her Outstanding Work

Morgan Howard

Source: VA Hospital
Source: VA Hospital
The DAISY Award was established in 1999 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes, to celebrate the extraordinary compassion nurses provide their patients and families every day. It was the first program of its kind to give patients, families, and co-workers a way to express their gratitude to nurses. This award now honors nurses internationally in Barnes’ memory.
Source: VA Hospital
Source: VA Hospital
Source: VA Hospital
Source: VA Hospital
It is a recognition program that recognizes and celebrates nurses by collecting nominations from patients, families, and co-workers.
Lenoria Murriel, BSN RN was recognized and given this award for her outstanding work and kindness that she shows to her patients.
The VA Hospital said that this award is a great way to thank nurses for the care and kindness they provide.
Nurses every day go above and beyond to not only provide patients and families with excellence in clinical care but also compassion.
The DAISY Foundation aims to honor nurses by showing profound gratitude for all that they do.

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