June 27, 2022

Not being Melon-dramatic but theres a giant watermelon on Highway 53

Gabbi Ferreri

As Mississippians, we see watermelons on the side of the road for sale every summer. We don’t even have to think twice about pulling off, buying one, and loading it in our cars to take home. These melons are always the sweetest and the best to cut up on a hot day. There seems to be an issue with this one specific watermelon, it’s not real, and it’s HUGE!

This specific watermelon is located just off of Highway 53 at a business run by all women, Girls Grown Watermelon. 

“So my nieces, there are six of them, and their grandparents, Vonnie Ladner and Ernest Ladner. They wanted to teach the girls about entrepreneurship, teamwork, responsibility, so they involved the girls every summer for the last four years in watermelon operation, and they start from beginning, planning, plowing through the end to selling and the entire process,” said Brooke Ladner to WLOX writer, Bill Snyder. 

“They do this on the weekends and in the evenings, and it gives them an opportunity to socialize with the public and get them out from behind their screens, which is good for all kids these days.”

Although this specific melon might be hard to fit in your car or cut up without a trailer, there are smaller melons to bring home and enjoy with friends and family!

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