March 4, 2024

No-Kill Animal Shelter In Jackson In Desperate Need Of Dog Food Donations

Morgan Howard

Dog food at animal shelter
An animal shelter called Animal Rescue Fund is desperately needing dog food donations after the spot where they normally buy food at wholesale price goes out of business.
ARF normally can purchase their dog food for $125 per 1000 pounds. Now that the suppliers are liquidating, if ARF were to buy the same food it would cost them $17,500 instead of $3,750.
The shelter said,
“Meanwhile, we are out of food and have been limping along purchasing 2 days at a time of food. We try to keep the dog’s diet constant to keep the gut stable. The photo in this post is $500 worth of today’s purchase, which will last us through Tuesday morning.”
The shelter desperately needs donations to help them feed the dogs.
ARF is a no-kill animal shelter with several hundred dogs housed at their location.
“We are diligently working to find another source for large-scale food donations through distribution companies. One has responded that they are going to try and help, but until that happens, the pups are asking; “Please sir, may I have some food”

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