July 12, 2023

New Stage Theatre Campers Set To Perform “Mean Girls Jr.”

Elijah Mangum

New Stage Theatre is set to premiere “Mean Girls Jr.” this weekend as the culmination of this summer’s Broadway Jr. camp.

There will be two casts performing over four days. Performances will be Thursday-Friday at 7 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 7 pm. The first cast will perform Thursday and Saturday while the second cast will be performing Friday and Sunday.

“It was a really great opportunity to give kids the chance to play characters their own age,” said the camp’s administrative assistant Reese Overstreet. “These kids are actually playing roles that are written for them as opposed to a 70 year old grandma. Which is great, but that’s not necessarily what they will be playing right now. It’s more of their experience which is really cool.”

Over the past month, both casts have been preparing through classes, auditions and rehearsals. Through this experience, the campers learn acting, music, and dance. There were also special classes on photography, improv and the process of preparing audition packages.

Mattie Ellis plays the lead role Cady in the second cast of the production. Ellis has been attending the camp for the past four years where she has enjoyed every step of the process.

“New Stage especially and alot of other theatre communties allow for alot of support and it is a really positive environment,” said Ellis. “I made alot of really great friends doing this. It has allowed me to become more confident in myself. It also helped with ensemble building and learning to create something together.”

For more information, visit here or call the box office at 601-948-3531.

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