August 2, 2022

MSU Becomes First “Adobe Creative Campus” School in MS

Morgan Howard

Mississippi State University
Source: Facebook

Mississippi State students are about to get a really neat digital literacy experience. Mississippi State recently partnered with Adobe to “optimize academic experience and elevate career preparedness”.

MSU is the state’s first university to become what is called an “Adobe Creative Campus”. This includes a select group of colleges and universities that will get curricula to give students “an edge in the competitive modern workplace”.

Students will also have access to an app at a reduced cost called the “Adobe Creative Cloud app”. Faculty and staff will also benefit from this partnership. They will get to use Adobe creative software applications at a reduced cost to help their students.

You can ready more details about this amazing opportunity here!

“MSU has listened to our student and employee communities who have asked for a campus-wide Creative Cloud solution. These apps are used in the classrooms throughout a variety of disciplines in the academic arena, and the university is committed to equipping our students and employees with the best tools for success,” said MSU Chief Information Officer Steve Parrott.


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